Wondering if It’s Safe to Eat Catfish?

Fish is generally considered a healthy food source, but some people may want to limit their intake due to mercury, a common contaminant in fish that can harm a child’s development. Check with your doctor if you have any doubts, as the nutritional tradeoff is usually worth it due to the intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

A lot of people vouch for buying only wild-caught fish, but not everyone is aware of its differences from farm-raised seafood. 

Farm-raised seafood is farmed in large tanks after living their entire lives in a controlled environment. Wild-caught refers to fishes that come directly from their natural habitats.

Surprisingly, farm-raised seafood often contains higher levels of contaminants than wild-caught. Plus, they are more prone to diseases due to farming policies and have more saturated fats.

On the other hand, wild-caught fishes are lower in omega-3 fatty acids but often remain the better option due to previous concerns. However, they are generally more expensive, so keep that in mind before you go to the store.

Which Catfish Products Should I Buy?

Many catfish products can be found on the market, each with its own pros and cons. However, before heading to your local grocer, you should define whether you’ll want dressed catfish or not. Dressed refers to fishes that have been cleaned, with some of their dangerous parts cut off.

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