The Basic Guide To Selecting The Best Catfish Bait

There are many variables in fishing and often no absolutes. You’ll encounter things when fishing for catfish that will leave you with more questions than answers. This often leads to spending more time to learn more.

Catfish baits are no different.

I could go on for days about random “one-off” catfish baits I’ve had thrown at me over the years. These range from chicken breast soaked in vanilla, to aluminum foil and leather soaked in WD–40.

Just because you catch a fish on something once doesn’t mean it’s a good bait. The world is full of one-hit wonders and catfish baits are no different.

This isn’t the encyclopedia of baits, it’s about the best catfish baits so you’ve got access to some quick, down and dirty tips to help you catch more and bigger catfish.

After over fifteen years as a professional catfish guide, I’ve seen and heard of more fad baits that everyone claims are the best, I’ve had more homemade concoctions passed on to me that I care to think about and I’ve tried just about everything there is to try for bait.

One thing remains the same though, catfish baits are simple and you shouldn’t overcomplicate them.

If you start out using one of these tried and true baits you’ll catch more cats!

 Here’s The Video On The Best Catfish Bait

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